AZ State

AZ State

The State of Arizona became the first Public partner for the providing HBOT to treat veterans with TBI with their allocation of $25,000.

Veterans with TBI and selected PTSD conditions would be eligible to participate in HBOT under a bill approved unanimously in the State House, and unanimously by the Senate. It was signed by the Governor on March 29. HB2513 was sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem, Republican, (LD-11, Oro Valley, Marana & Maricopa), Vice-Chairman of the Military, Veterans and Regulatory Affairs Committee.

The bill provides a temporary appropriation of just $25,000 in seed money to what supporters call, a “private-sector driven,” initiative that will be overseen by the state’s Department of Veteran Services. Arizona is the first state that has formally taken this private-public partnership approach.

House Bill 2513 has been introduced and enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona. In it, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Military Veterans Fund is established consisting of private donations, grants, bequests, and any other monies. Click to read more.

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