Our Goal

Private donations are currently the only way to pay for providing this life-changing therapy to brain injured veterans. We hope to treat 50 to 100 veterans per year over the next three years, and to do so, we have a goal of raising $1.0 million in the first year, rising to 2.0 million in donations in the third year.

Treatment Costs

It costs an average of $20,000 to fully treat a veteran with TBI and PTSD depending on the severity of their injury, number of HBOT sessions received, consultation, adjunctive therapies applied and diagnostics tests administered. The 80 session treatment protocol typically lasts two to four months.

While any donation is appreciated, use the following guidelines to help us achieve our goals by sponsoring one or more veterans for treatment at the average cost of $20,000.

The Board members and senior staff at Healing Arizona Veterans are all volunteers and do not receive any compensation. As such, administrative costs have been under 5%, which means that 95% of contributions to HAV go towards treating veterans. During 2020, 2021 and 2022, administrative costs have ranged between 1 and 2%. Hence a minimum of 98% went towards treating veterans.

Contributions to Healing Arizona Veterans (since 2017)

Since Healing Arizona Veterans was established as a 501c3 in 2017, our corporate and charitable organization donors include:

    • Veterans Car Donation
    • Estate of a retired senior military officer from Phoenix
    • Arizona Office of Becton Dickinson Corporation
    • Gates Foundation/Robert E Hopper
    • Sundt Foundation
    • Tucson Foundation
    • Benevity
    • Jim Click Foundation
    • Pyramid FCU
    • Discount Bikers Supply
    • Empower Coalition

Become a major donor by donating vehicles or cash. Click here to donate.