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Healing Arizona Veterans is Making Strides

Healing Arizona Veterans (HAV) has made strides in the past six years. It needs your donations to continue this positive trend. HAV was designated a 501(c)(3) charity in 2017. Since then, the charity has raised over $1.5 million from private donors. The donations were used

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New Grant Awarded from Sundt Foundation

Sundt Foundation Board of Directors has approved a grant for Healing Arizona Veterans ‍from the Tucson giving area. “Sundt’s purpose is to build environments where our clients, employee-owners, and communities prosper. The Sundt Foundation was created in 1999, as a way, to give back to

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Our Mission and Strategy Update

As of May 2023, HAV has sponsored the full treatment of 86 veterans (average 14 per year), with a few more in the treatment process. These veterans have served in all branches of the military, and in many theaters of operations. HAV receives weekly treatment

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HAV Attends Senate State Committees

Volunteer staff members for Healing Arizona Veterans attended the meeting of the Senate State Committee for Military, Public Safety, and Border Security on Wednesday, February 8, to testify on behalf of SB 1114, which provides funding for HBOT treatment for veterans.   Hugo Frausto, Fundraising Support,

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Concussion: Not Just a Brain Bruise (Repost)

Military veterans, first responders and athletes in contact sports are at great risk for concussion and recurrent concussion, which causes cumulative injury and a high risk for neurodegenerative conditions. Traditional Brain MRI sequences, even with contrast, do not aid in diagnosing concussion because they do

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