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Free TBI, PTSD Medical Evaluations for Veterans

Dr. Carol Henricks, a physician at NorthStar Neurology PC and NorthStar Hyperbaric, is offering free medical evaluations for veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) spectrum conditions. The Patriot Clinic evaluates and treats veterans at no charge. “The signature injury of

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TreatNOW using HBOT for TBI/PTSD/PCS/Concussion

THE essential elements of the argument: 1. We face an epidemic of suicide, and brain-related wounds afflicting service members’ mental and physical health 2. Billions of $$ are being spent on research and unproven even hurtful drugs and devices that exacerbate the problems in too many cases. 3. DOD/VA/Army conducted

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New treatment option for AGENT ORANGE?

Recently I have found out that some great results have been experienced by veterans suffering from Agent Orange. I am not a physician so I am just reporting my findings, The treatment I am excited about is called Chelation Therapy. It has been around since

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