Maj. Ben Richards US Army insights on the VA & TBI Treatments (July 2016)

Online Links

Laura Grant and Jon Grant – Extivita HBOT Patient Experience – Traumatic Brain Injury : https://bit.ly/2mt5wjP

Testimonials by veterans (TreatNow.Org) : http://treatnow.org/success-stories/executive-summery

(Video) Testimonial by Captain Matthew Smothermon : https://yhoo.it/2K7azfO

Joe Namath Neurological Center for treating Brain Injury: http://www.jupitermed.com/namath

(Video) The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road: Healing The Signature Wounds of War: https://bit.ly/2NX0TXz

(Video) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improved Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms: https://bit.ly/2AqHrAD

(Video) Breathing Your Way to Wellness with Brian Propp TBI & PTS: https://bit.ly/2LEQFyf

(Video) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can improve Traumatic Brain injury and Fibromyalgia – Sagol Center – Israel: https://bit.ly/2vnQhsW

(Video) Decades-old stroke damage reversible with oxygen therapy, say researchers – Assaf Harofeh Medical Center – Israel: https://bit.ly/2OtgcZ7

(Video) VA Accountability Awareness (Nick Cutters Story): https://bit.ly/2M5Lofw

(Video) James Elmer – Hyperbaric & Wellness Center Success Story: https://bit.ly/2vhzFDp

(Video) Hyperbaric Chambers – Oklahoma cases: https://bit.ly/2LFgZZe

(Video) The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast: https://bit.ly/19b4dIZ

(Video) HBOT FOR VETS – Additional testimonials: https://bit.ly/2LPcVEP

Video Testimonials

Robin O’Bannon

Chris Liby

Clint Chamberlin

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