Discount Biker Supply (DBS) donates $2,000 to Healing Arizona Veterans (HAV)

HAV received the donation from DBS and their partner organizations; Keene Auto Glass and “What the Hell” bar. To celebrate their 5-year anniversary, DBS owners, Rhino and Tracie decided to donate to local charities (13 during 2018). HAV was the last of those charities.

DBS owners, Rhino and Tracie, agreed that a great way to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of DBS was to donate to local charities

Rhino spoke to several local business owners to get their feedback on the idea and received positive responses. The owners of Keene Auto Glass went one step further, they pledged that for every insurance approved glass replacement, they would donate $50. He also spoke to the owners of What the Hell Bar & Grill in Mesa. They pledged to choose one menu item every month and give a percentage of the sales to the charity of the month. This was greatly appreciated by DBS because this is a HUGE commitment on everyone’s part.

Rhino and Tracie selected 13 different local charities with a different color chip each month. The chips are only $5 each and the entire $5 goes to the charity. HAV was the last charity of our celebration. Over the past 13 months, Rhino and Tracie have been able to present a total of $29,750 among the chosen charities. They aren’t done yet, because on January 26th, they have invited all 13 charities to join them at What the Hell Bar & Grill to celebrate their 9th anniversary. They will be holding one last auction at this time and all monies raised will be split equally between the charities that are in attendance at the celebration.

Rhino and Tracie were blown away by all of the support from the community, their family and friends. Without them, this would not have been possible! They have had some wonderful support from several local companies as well and they have pledged donations towards the cause. This past year has been an amazing celebration of DBS’s 5-year anniversary.

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