Grassroots Metamorphosis books and Healing Arizona Veterans at the Tucson Festival of Books

The Tucson Festival of Books debuted in March of 2009 on the campus of The University of Arizona. At that time, the Festival featured 450 authors and presenters and welcomed 50,000 regional visitors. Since then, it has grown to this year’s estimated 140,000 visitors.

Booth 236 at the event featured Sa’ad Allawi, author of a two-part book set entitled Grassroots Metamorphosis, and Strategy and Operations Officer for Healing Arizona Veterans (a charitable organization supporting veterans). 

Mr. Allawi contributes all profits from the sale of Grassroots Metamorphosis books to Healing Arizona Veterans.

During the two-day event, there were many visitors to the booth. These visitors learned about Healing Arizona Veterans, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for treating veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury, and the contents of Grassroots Metamorphosis books. Most of the visitors were veterans, have family members or friends who are veterans.

The visitors learned how they could help by donating to Healing Arizona Veterans directly through cash contributions and car donations, or indirectly by buying copies of Grassroots Metamorphosis:

They learned of the need for volunteers to help this worthy veteran cause.