Great Success for TBI & PTSD Recovery at Oklahoma’s Patriot Clinics

Carol L Henricks, MD

Public outrage was sparked by mistreatment of veterans at the Phoenix VA Hospital in Phoenix. Problems with medical care of veterans at VA Hospitals were discovered all over the country. We called out for change. We shouted that our military veterans are a priority, and their care is not a place for a budget spending cut. Veterans groups lobbied Congress in Washington, DC to demand change in the system from the top down. But who is walking the walk and actually providing services ?

The Patriot Clinics in Oklahoma are unique: they are a shining example of a real response to providing medical care to help treat our military veterans. Based on the scientific medical research of Dr. Paul Harch, the support of the IHMA (International Hyperbaric Medical Association) and the determination of Dr. William Duncan as well as testimonials by veterans who were successfully treated (Major Ben Richards) the lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma acted. The state Senators and members of the House of Representatives voted unanimously in support of SB1604 (The Oklahoma Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Act), and the governor signed it into law.

Patriot Clinics are focused on providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at no cost to military veterans. Funding for the program is collected through private donations (for example they are doing crowdfunding on Indiegogo). State funds can be recovered through the Veteran Bureau Act of 1921. The clinic is able to treat 5,000 veterans a year with the most successful therapy available.   HBOT initiates brain healing and aids in quelling the symptoms of PTSD.

More good news? We learned yesterday that the great state of Texas has initiated a bill to promote the same treatment availability to veterans in Texas. The grass roots movement is succeeding. We the people are making a difference!

For more information, please see the website . If you are a veteran interested in treatment, Dr. Paul Harch still has availability in his study in New Orleans, LA: visit his site at