Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help STOP veteran suicides

Every veteran and active duty military member needs to listen to this radio interview with Army Ranger Special Ops veteran Clint Chamberlin. The information you will receive could be life changing and if shared with a fellow soldier in distress could be life-saving.He will share with you how it helped him back from the darkness that began to consume his life.

I am sure it may finally open peoples eyes to see a REAL treatment that could very well REDUCE the number of veteran suicides in our country.
Hear Army Ranger Clint Chamberlin on Radio. It could be very important to those suffering TBI/PTSD. To get to the Clint Chamberlin interview fast forward to minute 56:30. I wish every post 9/11 veteran would listen to this interview. 
PLEASE share this with as many people you can. The antiquated therapies of using drugs to help treat conditions such as TBI/PTSD IS NOT WORKING. If you look at the number of veteran suicides DAILY should prove that to everyone.
Big Pharma has done everything possible to stop this information from reaching our veterans including their influence on our FDA.
Because of veterans like Clint Chamberlin and many others the “Genie is now out of the bottle” and can never return. Once you learn this knowledge you cannot deny it exists. Our veteran’s lives depend on getting this information out there. PLEASE share with others.
Charles Spillar
Executive Director
Healing Arizona Veterans